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Don't you hate it when you know you have a great coupon to use and you can't find it anywhere? It's frustrating! And every time you lose track of a coupon, you lose money - money we can all use now, more than ever.

This was my problem and it was making me crazy! I either couldn't find my coupons or I didn't have the right ones with me when I needed them. So I found a solution - several solutions, in fact! And I'm sharing them here with you.

I've gathered a very cool collection of coupon organizers that offer a number of ways to file, store, and find those valuable slips of paper. The variety of products available here means that you can gather and arrange your coupons in a format that works for you. We all have our own "styles," right? So we need options! I've tried all of the products displayed here and can tell you that no matter what approach works for you, you'll find an option here that will make sure you never have to say, "I know I have a coupon for that somewhere!" or get to the cash register and exclaim, "Shoot! I forgot my coupons!"

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Deal of the Week!

Free Whopper

Burger King is offering a free Whopper sandwich to anyone willing to load the Whopper Sacrifice application on Facebook and delete 10 of their friends. Check out the details here: www.whoppersacrifice.com

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